Family Around ComputerVideos are a powerful way to explore the challenges, joys and possibilities of aging.

The two featured videos below provide an overview of JCA’s Career Gateway program and our Heyman Interages® Center. Below that you will find a collection of favorite videos on a variety of topics related to JCA’s mission.

The videos listed below were not created by JCA — although many of our volunteers and staff wish they had been.

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Challenges of Cognitive Impairment

Watch as music revives and enlivens a 94-year-old nursing home resident who has dementia. This is a heartwarming, rough-cut excerpt from the one-hour documentary Alive Inside.

MORE VIEWING: The Alzheimer’s Disease Education & Referral Center provides free and easy access to scores of articles and fact sheets by NIA — the National Institute on Aging — about the causes, symptoms, treatment and challenges of Alzheimer’s Disease. It offers a library of videos, too: HBO Documentaries produced in collaboration with NIA.

Creating a Jewish Legacy

JCA is proud to be a pioneer member of the Greater Washington Jewish Community’s Create a Jeiwsh Legacy Campaign, which is described in this video. By naming philanthropic organizations in their wills, life insurance policies or other estate plans, donors enable their good deeds and cherished values to continue when they are no longer here.

Death with Dignity

Videos About Death With Dignity

  • In less than six minutes, the TED video entitled “Prepare for a Good End of Life” demonstrated how practical planning and good communication helps those who are dying and those who are left behind achieve peace of mind. The video is of a lecture by Judy MacDonald Johnston, who says that she develops children’s reading programs by day while at night she helps others maintain quality of life as they near death.
  • The Kaddish is a prayer that has become an important part of Jewish mourning rituals. In The Meaning of Kaddish
    by, Charlie Haray explains how this prayer can help those remember their “mission in this world.”
  • According to the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration, “Right now, more than 110,000 people are waiting for an organ. More than 98 million people in the U.S. are aged 50 and older….About 21 million of them think they’re too old to be donors.” Yet people are never too old to give the gift of life. To learn more, see the video
    Any Age is the Right Age.

Financial Challenges of Old Age

A Video About The Financial Challenge Of Old Age

  • Four minutes. That’s all it takes to watch a video by the National Council on Aging called “One Away,” in which three older adults tell what it’s like to be old and vulnerable in America today. Thirteen million older Americans live one missed meal, one lost job or one medical bill from economic disaster.

Joy of a Long Life

Videos That Express The Joy Of A Long Life

  • At the age of 109, Alice Herz Sommer is the oldest Holocaust survivor, and she’s clearly acquired more than a century of wisdom.”Everything is a Present” is not only the title of this video — an interview with Anthony
    Robbins — but also her life’s philosophy.
  • 100-year-old author and humorist Bel Kaufman shows us why “age is not a function of numbers but a function of attitude” in this Generation Inspiration video by Guideposts.
  • Mary Maxwell, the founder of Home Instead Senior Care, has wowed audiences with her humorous insights about growing old. In this video, her wit and deadpan delivery add spark and spunk to her invocation at an awards dinner.
  • Just for fun, watch an older couple having fun in between appointments at the Mayo Clinic. See the YouTube video entitled Mayo Clinic Atrium Piano.

Life Cycle Changes

Videos That Show Life Cycle Changes

  • Via a series of short videos, Tributes to Aging, highlights achievements later in life by Clara Barton, Michelangelo, Benjamin Franklin and others.
  • YouTube archives an interesting collection of videos called “7up,” each of which shows portraits of famous people from the age of seven to old age. As example, you’ll find one segment on Katherine Hepburn segment on and another on Charlie Chaplin.

Love in Later Life

“A Love Story for the Ages” is just that — and it’s also a local story, filmed in Gaithersburg, MD.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors -- and Kindness to Strangers

A Video About Neighbors Helping Neighbors

A Video About Kindness

Shattering Stereotypes about Growing up and Growing Old

Videos That Shatter Stereotypes About Growing Up And Growing Old

  • Apparently, no one ages like old Australians, at least in this lively Australian advertisement called “IronWorkz.”
    We share it to rejoice in its spunkiness rather than to promote eating red meat, its advertising goal. (Research shows that a eating a varied, balanced diet, with or without red meat, plus exercise and regular visits to the doctor are likely to promote health and wellness, though not necessarily to the extent shown here.)
  • Jack Rushton tried to live every moment to the fullest. Jack, who died in 2012, was a quadriplegic, a humorist, and inspirational speaker, and a person who decided that disability needn’t be disabling. After watching Jack’s video entitled “It’s Good To Be Alive,” one YouTube visitor wrote, “I’d say ‘May God bless you,’ but evidently He has.”
  • At 80, singer Janey Cutler received a standing ovation during her tryout in Glasgow, Scotland for the Britain’s Got Talent TV show. Watch her win hearts and votes in this official TV video.
  • Millions of people have shared the anxiety and joys of two older women from The Netherlands as they conquered their fear of flying. Experience their adventure by seeing An and Ria’s First Flight, one of several videos by Vodafone to celebrate “firsts.”

Seniors' Strength and Agility

Videos That Show Seniors’ Strength and Agility

  • Do good guys really finish last? Maybe not! Watch Age of Champions, a trailer for an award-winning documentary about the Senior Olympics.
  • Stephen Jepson believes that adults should never leave the playground if they want to avoid falls, be healthy and be mentally sharp. Now in his early 70s, Steve skates, jumps, invents and has a grand time in this inspiring video.
  • 86-year-old Johanna Quaas, a retired PE teacher from Leipzig, Germany, began gymnastics training when she was 50-something. Now, The Guiness Book of Records calls her the world’s oldest gymnast, a title she enjoys because she hopes to inspire others. This video shows her bar routine and floor exercises. She is a virtuoso on the trampoline, too.

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