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Mobility Specialist

PROGRAM: Connect-A-Ride Montgomery County

STATUS: Exempt LEVEL: 61

HOURS: Part-Time: 8 or 16 hours per week

WAGE: Maximum of $20 per hour when computed as an hourly wage


Provide courteous and timely information to older persons, caregivers, service providers, transportation professionals and others who seek information about senior transportation services in Montgomery County or elsewhere in the Greater DC area via phone and during group presentations. To be a motivated, self starter who helps ensure that JCA’s performance meets or exceeds contracted goals. To assist with reporting. To work closely with the Senior Director, Center for Information Services and fellow staff in meeting overall goals of the program.

DUTIES: As assigned:

* Conduct outreach and educational activities to develop the provider database and to educate clients regarding Connect-a-Ride (CAR) and JCA services. Attend senior fairs as needed.

* Handle telephone, written and other inquiries accurately in a prompt and professional manner and to monitor and complete any needed follow-up. Work directly with clients who are walk-ins.

* Conduct ongoing research for new transportation providers serving older adults and adults with disabilities in Montgomery County and the Washington metro area.


Bachelor’s degree in a health or human service related field. Or any equivalent mix of skills, abilities, experience and education that would render a candidate suitable for this position.

* At least two years’ experience working in a busy office.

* Pleasant, courteous and professional telephone manner.

* Ability to maintain confidentiality.

* Computer skills in Word and Excel and ability to master hardware and software as needed for the job.

* Ability to set priorities and complete tasks in a timely manner.

* Ability to handle multiple priorities.

* Knowledge of community transportation options and providers.

* Access to transportation and willingness to travel locally.

* Willingness and ability to work irregular hours, including evenings and weekends, to get the job done.


This position reports to the Senior Director, Center for Information Services.

TO APPLY or Receive Job Description: Email Resume & Cover Letter to Harriet.Block@accessjca.org

Administrative Assistant

Status: Full-Time, non-exempt

Level: 63

Job Summary:

Responsible for all administrative and general office duties of the Misler Adult Day Center. Requiring independent judgcment and initiative within the framework of the JCA policies and procedures. \Vork closely with the Director in all administrative matters pertarning to the Center.



  1. Setup and maintain attendance records of all participants -tracking different funding sources and making sure that each funding source is billed correctly for days of service.
  2. Monthly billing for Privatc Pay; Scholarship; Grant; tvÍedicaid and V.A.
  3. Generating and providing sumn-mry reports monthly and quarterly for the JCA’s Accounting Department.

Statis tical Duties

  1. Statistical report for DHMH Adult Day Grant sent to the state monthly and quarterly.
  2. Monthly statistical report of Daycare attendance showing the different funding sources, number admitted and discharged, number of participants served, gender distribution and average daily attendance.
  3. Invoice for the total number of county meals served is sent at the end of every month to the Montgomery County Senior Nutrition Program.
  4. Investigate billing inquiries and differences in a timely and accurate manner.

General Office Duties

  1. Serve as office support for Center’s professional staff
  2. Maintain adequate number of required fortns for participants and staff.
  3. Answer multi-phone line and direct phone calls to the right staff
  4. Answer and maintain radio contact with the JCA bus transportation drivers in the mornings and afternoons informing families of pickup and arrival of fan-lily members as assigned.
  5. Preparing monthly mailing with invoices, Ivlisler Update and monthly activity schedule, as well as tracking down payments madc by participants to their individual accounts
  6. Keep up-to-date record of participant information which involves participant personal documentation.
  7. Assist Center Director in matters pertaining to the Center and JCA. This includes assistance with correspondence, reports and forms.
  8. Order and keep current all necessary office supplies for staff use.
  9. Has access to all information in the medical records due to responsibilities and duties involved with billing, compiling information for state and county reports, and compiling data concerning participants for program operations. It is understood that the minimum necessary criteria is respected.

Carries out all duties and responsibilities in a manner that protects the health information of ICA clients and that conforms to all state, county and federal rules, regulations or requirements of laxv related to client health information Of privacy rights. This obligation will survive the termination of employment or the end of association with JCA regardless of the reason for such termination. (For current staff, violations of the privacy policies and procedures may result in sanctions up to and including termination.)

Skills, Abilities, Aptitudes:

Administrative Assistant, organizational and time management skills Knowledge of modern office practices and proccdurcs Communicate effectively both orally and in writing Ability to deal tactfully, effectively and equitably with families, general public, participants, professionals, referring agents, etc. Ability to preparc daily, monthly and quarterly statistical statements and reports Strong current computer skills Ability to operate fax machine, photo copler, postage machine and printer Ability to keep accurate and confidential records

Job Relationships:

Interacts with JCA staff, coordinating with accountants on an on-going basis. Request assistance of Ring House staff, as needed. Work with volunteers/SCSEP trainees in office

Supervised by Director of Misler Adult Day Center.

Contact: Patty Hagen at patty.hagen@AccessJCA.org

Volunteer Manager 

 Program:Heyman Interages® Center 

 Level:61   Classification:  Exempt  

Hours:25 hours per week 

General function: Recruits, screens and orients volunteers for JCA Interages. Coordinates volunteer retention and appreciation activities. Manages all volunteer records and placements. Implements outreach and marketing for the JCA Heyman Interages Center to forge new and grow existing relationships to increase our intergenerational volunteer corps and enable the expansion of our school and community-based programs to benefit seniors, children, youth and families.    

Responsibilities include:  

  • Increase the intergenerational volunteer corps through recruitment, interviews, managing background checks, references and volunteer trainings 
  • Organize monthly and annual volunteer appreciation and retention events 
  • Provide ongoing volunteer management and coordination with staff to improve volunteer satisfaction 
  • Implement a marketing and outreach plan which includes social media 
  • Provide volunteer outreach throughout Montgomery County by speaking before media and community groups and educating organizations, corporations and others in the community about the importance of intergenerational programs and activities  
  • Able to travel within Montgomery County 


Education, Background and Skills: Bachelors’ degree in human services, education, social work, gerontology, communication, grassroots organizing or a related field. At least five years professional experience in supporting the communications and outreach efforts of a community-based program related to education, health, aging, intergenerational programming, or a related field. Understanding of intergenerational programs. Outstanding skills in oral and written presentation. Willingness and ability to speak before audiences of all sizes. Ability to plan and direct workflow to meet deadlines and multiple workplace demands. Advanced knowledge of PC-based word-processing and database systems and solid understanding and use of social media and web platforms to promote community programs; Or any other suitable combination of education, knowledge, skills and experience that would render a candidate qualified for this position.  

Salary: Low twenties when expressed as an hourly wage.   

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to: Mtbenson@AccessJCA.org. 


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