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Kensington Club - What We Do


Kensington Club @ Parklawn
A Samuel Gorlitz Social Day Program
The Kensington Club @Parklawn staff:
Colleen Kemp – Manager, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS)
Lisa Trachtman- Program Specialist
Louise Schneider – Activity Leader
“Man does not consist of memory alone.  He has feeling, will, sensibilities, moral being…It is here that you may find ways to touch him…In the realm of the individual, there is much you can do”.  (Alexander Luria)
The Kensington Club @Parklawn, a program of the Jewish Council for the Aging (JCA) of Greater Washington, is a social day program designed to meet the needs of older adults in the early stages of diagnosed memory loss.  Since 2008, the Club has offered a unique opportunity for socialization with peers in a relaxed and accepting environment.  Members of the Club share old and new interests, connect with the community and develop friendships.    Stimulating cognitive and physical activities are offered to Club members and families and caregivers get some respite and support while their loved ones are at the Club.  The Club provides an opportunity for camaraderie and coping skills to people in the early stages of memory loss. 
As the Canada based Alzheimer’s Society states:  “When someone is diagnosed with dementia, they should be encouraged to remain as independent as possible, and to continue to enjoy their usual activities…”  It can be difficult to achieve this without the support from professionals.  The Kensington Club @Parklawn is focused on maintaining the independence of the Club members in a safe and supportive environment that optimizes capabilities. 
The Mayo Clinic confirms that our program is valuable – “Individuals who receive a diagnosis of Early Stage Dementia often have questions, seek resources and support and want to be an active participant in managing their condition.  Programs such as Memory Clubs are designed to offer just that.”
The Club operates weekdays from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.  Members may attend up to four days per week.  Monthly Club fees are based on the attendance pattern selected.  Club size is limited to twelve members per day, to ensure an atmosphere that enhances interpersonal connection.  Transportation is available to those who live within our pick up area. 
The program is located at JCA Headquarters, Ann L. Bronfman Center, 12320 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, Maryland 20852.
For more information, call us at 301-255-4204 or email us at