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Over Two Decades Serving the Community
The JCA Heyman Interages Center intergenerational programs have brought children and older adults together for over 25 years.  Since 1986, thousands of children from hundreds of schools and hundreds of isolated older adults from senior facilities have benefited from participation in our programs.  Over the years hundreds of dedicated and caring older adult volunteers, who are the heart of Interages, have made a significant difference in the lives of children.

THE BENEFITS OF Generations Working Together
Children exposed to positive adult role models learn from the knowledge and experience their elders have to offer.  Stereotypes and fears about youth and aging are dispelled when both generations communicate and work together.  Sharing personal histories and life experience improves understanding across generations.  Children learn and experience compassion and the value of community service.

Direct involvement with children helps older adults stay active and connected to their community, and provides opportunities for them to live more productive, happier lives.  Older adult volunteers develop friendships with children and other volunteers that may reduce a sense of loss or isolation.  Involvement in meaningful work increases each participant's sense of personal fulfillment and self-worth.


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